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    Sheathing is the art of covering objects and furniture with leather or soft materials. Ateliers Fey specializes in the design and production of floor-to-ceiling upholstery.

    We bring out the beauty of the material in your projects.


    Hand sewing is synonymous with meticulousness and rigor. Our craftsmen are able to personalize each creation according to our customers wishes.


    In our workshops, we have the necessary equipment to accomplish any type of sewing.


    Ateliers Fey masters the art of embroidery on leather, providing the ideal canvas for your designs. Each stitch is executed with precision to create authentic pieces.


    Through the preservation of family know-how, Ateliers Fey masters the delicate technique of gold leaf marking. This technique is applied to a wide range of objects, including desk blotters, imitation books and much more. You can also choose “tone-on-tone" markings, where the material is soberly heat-engraved.


    Parchment, with its unique characteristics, is a real challenge when it comes to sheathing. At Ateliers Fey, we are privileged to have highly skilled parchment sheathers on our team. We offer a wide range of parchment colors.


    Discover the subtle world of parchment origami. Our talented craftsmen transform this material into magnificent origami, playing with light to highlight the beauty and delicacy of parchment in every realization.


    Shagreen is an exceptional material that has been at the heart of our expertise for generations. The skin is subjected to specific techniques that enable us to produce cuts of absolute precision.


    In our workshops, we offer you a vast range of leathers to bring your most daring projects to life. From ostrich leather to snake, salmon and crocodile...


    Our expertise in Cordoba leather is the fruit of an enduring family heritage. We offer a wide range of patterns and finishes, with the ability to create custom-made plates for our customers according to the needs of each project. These plates are used to emboss designs onto leather.


    We can create a wide variety of leather paintings for you, transporting you to diverse artistic horizons and offering a singular creative approach. Playing with volumes and materials leaves room for the imagination.


    We now offer marbling services. This method makes it possible to create marbled patterns on a variety of materials, including leather.


    In our workshops, we have the resources needed to satisfy our customers most specific tinting requirements. Our meticulous application techniques ensure results that meet the highest standards.